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Bespoke Funeral Option

At Arka Original Funerals we encourage everybody to take time to really think what kind of funeral they want to organise. Everybody is different and therefore to ensure that the funeral is memorable, beautiful, meaningful and very much about the person who has died we try to encourage a lot of thought and care. It’s tempting to put things into place quickly when you are exhausted and unsure of what you, your family and friends want and need at this time.

We try to give that time so that you come into the process feeling more energised and able to think clearly. This doesn’t mean that everybody will want elaborate arrangements, some of the most meaningful funerals are quiet and personal. When you look back at what you arranged in months and years to come it will be comforting to know that you did exactly what you needed to do at the time and given all the circumstances, wouldn’t have done anything very differently. We can help you do that.

So our prices… below are some figures for you to work out how much your arrangement would cost at today’s prices. Obviously there are loads of different choices but here are some of the main ones that you will need to help you put your costs together. We recommend calling us directly for a quotation, we also recommend phoning around for quotes as this will give you a sense of what’s available and who you would like to support you.


Arka Professional Fees £1650

(see below for what this covers)

Other costs:

Choice of coffin (please see link coffin choices)  £280 – £830

Cremation costs at Woodvale or Downs Crematorium £499 – £755

Use of Arka vehicle as hearse (including bearers) £155

Provision of traditional hearse £250

Provision of limousine £270

Additional amount for funeral at two venues £100

(i.e. church service onto crematorium)

Doctor’s fee for cremation paperwork £82

(not applicable when coroner involved)

Minister’s fee (standard set fee but could vary) £227

Celebrant’s fee £275

Additional pall bearers if required £35 – £45

Preparation and printing of service sheets (per copy) £1.20 – £2

For Burials there are a number of different burial locations – all with different scales of fees but here are some of the main ones. Our main fees above remain the same but remove the cremation fee and add in the costs below.

Brighton and Hove City Council cemeteries

Grave preparation from £1162

Grave purchase from £913

Clayton Wood

Grave preparation £625

Grave purchase from £1,985

Brighton and Preston Cemetery (Downs Crematorium)

Grave preparation £990

Grave purchase from £1,114

Arka Professional fees include:

  • Supporting family and friends with the process of arranging a funeral.
  • The initial consultation and follow up calls.
  • Additional meetings, as necessary.
  • Collection of the deceased during normal working hours within a 10-mile radius.
  • Care of the deceased up until the day of the funeral.
  • Preparation and supporting those who wish to view the deceased within normal working hours.
  • Ensuring the correct paperwork is completed and that it reaches the correct authority, along with any other details relating to the funeral ceremony.
  • An ARKA Original Funerals representative present on the day of the funeral.
  • Collection and care of cremated remains following the funeral.
  • Acknowledgement and collation of donations if required.

Example funeral

Arka professional fees £1,650

Provision of Arka vehicle as hearse (inc. 2 pallbearers) £155

Provision of bamboo coffin £470

Celebrant’s fee £275

Cremation at Woodvale Crematorium £755

Provision of service sheets (25) £30

Doctor’s fee for cremation paperwork £82

TOTAL £3,417

Please CLICK HERE to download a PDF of prices for bespoke burials.

Please CLICK HERE to download a PDF of prices for bespoke cremations.

Please CLICK HERE to download the prices for additional services including weekend support and information on webcasting and the costs of visual tributes that are now available.