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At ARKA Original Funerals we make sure that you feel comfortable and unpressured about making decisions for the funeral of a loved one

We are a friendly team of Funeral Directors based in Brighton, Sussex.  Owned and managed by our lead funeral director Cara Mair, we are truly independent. Our team have a wealth of experience arranging unique ceremonies incorporating sound environmental practices and sustainably sourced coffins.


We offer advice and information about the wide range of choices available for both traditional and green funerals, including council and church owned cemeteries, woodland burials, cremation, ashes interment and scattering.


Encouraging you to participate as much as you wish, we help to create and style personal ceremonies, through the provision of ministers, or celebrants, and the fitting selection of music, vehicles and other poignant and personal touches.


We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.