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Whilst natural burial is becoming more popular, cremation is the choice of many people and can nearly always be a less expensive option. Crematoria now have many regulations in place which help to clean up the process meaning that less harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere.

In Brighton we are fortunate to have two excellent crematoria. They are both situated near the Lewes Road area, within 70 acres of land. We work with both on a regular basis and they really do support us and the families we support in creating unique, creative ceremonies, assisting us in helping to create a less ‘conveyor belt feeling’ that many people understandably fear.


Cremations in brighton arka funerals

The beautiful grounds surrounding Woodvale Crematorium


Woodvale Crematorium

Woodvale is run by Brighton and Hove Council and was the first crematorium opened in Sussex in 1930 incorporated into the grounds of the Extra Mural Cemetery. It was developed during the Victorian era to cope with the increasing population of Brighton. This landscaped space is in itself one of the most beautiful parts of Brighton with a vast array of trees and birdlife.

Woodvale has two chapels at the main crematorium that can be used for ceremonies. We often incorporate a walk through the Woodvale  grounds as part of our funeral ceremonies, its beauty and tranquillity helps to turn what people may view as a difficult occasion into a memorable, touching experience.


cremations in Brighton arka funerals

The North Chapel at Woodvale Crematorium


The extra mural chapel at woodvale

The Extra Mural Chapel at Woodvale Crematorium (currently not in use for ceremonies)


Woodvale crematorium south chapel

The North Chapel at Woodvale Crematorium


Downs Crematorium

Privately run by Dignity Funerals Ltd, this crematorium adjoins the north end of the Brighton and Preston Cemetery, from which it has direct access. Again there is a choice of two chapels here.  The main chapel that seats 80, or the more intimate family chapel that seats 24 people.

One of the first cremations to take place after it opened in 1941 was that of Virginia Woolf, who took her own life at nearby Rodmell.

It is important to realise that before a cremation or burial the ceremony does not need to be held at the crematorium chapel, nor be limited by the standard time slots that are offered.


cremations brighton arka funerals

The main chapel at Downs Crematorium


Family chapel at downs crematorium

The family chapel at Downs Crematorium


Wealden Crematorium

A little further afield is Wealden Crematorium which offers peace and tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of Brighton.
There is one Chapel there and it really does offer calmness.
As with all crematoria now, it has a good music system and facilities to include photo slideshows and videos during the ceremony.
Due to being slightly further away the price is higher for us to support a funeral there but please do email or call if you want to find out more.

At ARKA Original Funerals we have creative ways of offering people more privacy and time before, during and after the ceremony.


Crematoria in Brighton: Woodvale, Lewes Road; Downs, Bear Road.

Crematoria outside Brighton: Surrey and Sussex in Crawley;  Chichester, Westhampnett Road;  Worthing, Horsham Road;  Eastbourne, Hide Hollow;  Hastings, The Ridge.