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Ashes and Urns

All of the urns that we sell are made from natural and sustainable materials. Styles depend on whether the ashes are to be kept for a long period of time, buried, or scattered. We also offer urns that have been specifically designed to dissolve in water, for those that would like to disperse the ashes at sea, or in suitable deep water.

Urns can be ordered at the time of the funeral, or they are available for purchase at any other time from one of our offices. You may want to create your own unique urn, made from a precious item that belonged to the deceased: a beautiful vessel that they loved, a favourite biscuit tin or even a pair of wellies, only you know what would have made them smile.

Ashes burials are possible in either traditional cemeteries, woodland sites, or memorial gardens at crematoria. Ashes scattering can also be arranged at these sites, but many families like to consider scatterings in places that are of particular significance, such as favourite country walks.

Ashes for scattering can be divided, so that several family members and friends can be directly involved. We have a number of smaller urns available for this and we can divide the ashes in advance for you.

Here are some of our favourite urns.

  • ARKA Acorn

    The ARKA Acorn Urn is manufactured in Brighton, from moulded recycled paper, the stalk of the lid is made from a twist of crushed tissue paper. It is lightweight, fully biodegradable and produced to a standard 10″ high x 8″ wide. The close fitting lid makes it ideal for the storage or burial of ashes, and an organic cotton drawstring bag holds the ashes securely within. Available in Moss Green, Dark Green, Stone, Gold, Russet, Purple, Yellow and Turquoise finishes, supplied individually boxed.

    Price standard £60 - gold - £80
  • Woven Cane Urns

    Cane is very environmentally friendly, growing quickly, as much as six metres a year. The seagrass used is harvested in paddy fields and again is highly sustainable. Available in rectanglular or spherical in shape, with hinged lids, and fastened with a toggle. These are made under license by a Fair Trade company in China. Supplied with a natural fitted ashes bag. The rectangular caskets have the option of an engraved wooden nameplate.


    Price £87 (£105 including nameplate)
  • Dissolve in Water

    ‘Dissolve in Water’ urns are made of sand and gelatine and are designed to hold the ashes as they dissolve completely in water. A stylish design that is perfect for a water burial. A recent customer reported that their family went out on a boat and lowered the urn into the water, it floated around the outside of the boat for a few minutes before slowly submerging, they said it was a beautiful moment for their family to experience and helped them to say goodbye to their loved one. These urns are also suitable for land burial, with moisture in the soil helping the urn degrade.

    Price £135
  • Scatter Tubes

    Scatter Tubes are a modern alternative to traditional ashes caskets and urns.  Made from sturdy cardboard, they offer flexibility and a choice of patterns and decorations for commemorating the life of a loved-one. They can be used for scattering, burial, or for keeping ashes at home, and they come in a range of sizes (9cm – 37cm height) should you wish to divide the ashes. The ashes are sealed inside the urn until you are ready to scatter them.

    Price Full size £30, half size £20, tiny £5
  • Somerset Willow Urn

    These beautiful willow urns are made and finished by hand using willow grown and prepared in Somerset. Available in square, oblong or round shapes and in white, buff or weather-beaten willow, with a range of different colour bands. Supplied with a natural drawstring cotton liner, and most shapes can also be supplied with an engraved wooden nameplate.

    Price £90 (£105 with nameplate)
  • Woollen

    The Natural Legacy woollen ashes casket is handmade in Yorkshire, using pure new British wool to high environmental standards.  Wool as the outer cover of the urn is both sustainable and biodegradable, and the cremated ashes are contained within a strong cardboard container inside. The woollen casket is available in cream or limestone. It can be personalised with an embroidered nameplate.

    Price £110 (£135 with nameplate)
  • Glass Urns

    Two sizes of glass containers are available for those who are looking for a container that leaves the ashes beautifully visible.

    These beautiful vessels are a possibility when dividing ashes.

    Price Medium size - £25 , Small size - £20
  • Pottery Urns

    These pottery urns are individually made by a potter in Wales, they are all unique and have slight differences, they come in a range of colours and sizes and come with a tight fitting lid.

    Price - Extra large size £120, Large size - £70 , Medium size – £40, Small size – £20
  • Bespoke Commissions

    We work with a number of very talented artists to produce commissioned urns. Working alongside a family they will produce a beautifully crafted urn in a number of different mediums, including willow, wicker, wood and porcelain. Alternatively you may wish to make something yourself and have it decorated by one of our local artists.

    Price on Request
  • Bespoke Biodegradable

    These biodegradable urns are made in the UK by hand and can be used for burial at sea or in the earth. Alternatively they are a wonderful choice when you wish to keep ashes at home in something more meaningful and creative. Made from papier-mâché or air dried clay, they are toxin free and organic. A strong design when dry, but when placed in the earth they will break down naturally, creating minimal environmental harm.

    Each urn is made to order, either as a simple basic urn, or decorated and personalised in whichever way you feel best celebrates the individual’s life, passions and personality.

    Price From £100
  • The Contour Box

    The very gifted Tom Aylwin makes the Contour Box  – born from a love of geology, Contour Boxes combine your choice of landscape with a beautifully crafted oak box. Whether an obscure village or a well-known landmark, he will find and recreate your piece of topography as an ashes urn. From a location anywhere on earth.

    Price From £195