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Let’s be totally honest here, funerals are not cheap. We feel that it’s really important to get good value for money but also to put together an arrangement that really does celebrate the person, marks that moment in time for you and leaves you with a memory that will be a comfort. One thing that is important is clarity and openness in pricing. We have a few principles that we think help people when deciding what to spend money on. We support people to do things for themselves within the arrangement, this could be transportation, pallbearing, even making a coffin yourself!  Family can lead the funeral themselves, there are a lot of options here. Secondly, we are very upfront about our prices, we encourage people to shop around and get other quotes and can also give sound, honest advice on how much things cost and where money maybe best spent.

OK you’ve been very patient so far, what you really want is information about our prices, so we have three options here, our BESPOKE funeral costs and then we have our SIMPLE FAREWELL, and then DIRECT CREMATION. Do read through to see which one may feel appropriate for you and call to discuss things with us if you need further advice or clarification.

In line with the new CMA guidelines we also need to publish our standardised price list. This is something that all funeral directors now need to do, even though we have always been very transparent with our customers around pricing, and have consistently kept our prices down to make our services accessible to most, here is our standardised price list.