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After many years of promoting ethical practice in the provision of funeral services, we have brought together what we believe are the best in well-crafted and ethically sourced and produced coffins.

This includes the Brighton Original, an elegant, handcrafted coffin made locally in Brighton to our own design. We ensure that the coffins we promote are kind to the environment, strong in construction and made in a wide variety of sizes.

The range of coffins below are made for adults but we also have a range of coffins for children and babies. Please click here to see the services we offer to support you with the loss of a child.

  • The Brighton Original Pine Coffin

    We are very proud to have designed this handcrafted pine coffin. Its strong construction, using no nails or screws, is from sustainably sourced FSC timber. The wood is untreated, but can be stained, painted or decorated to your own design. It is handmade in Brighton and comes with a natural wool mattress and pillow inside. To find out more click here.

    Price £550.00
  • The Cardboard Coffin

    These sturdy coffins come in white, woodland green or wood grain effect. Use as they are or the white can be a perfect blank canvas for your own decoration. If you wish us to decorate with your own design we have contact with some wonderful local artists (price including painting from £550).

    Price £230.00
  • The Sussex Willow Coffin

    We’re thrilled to be working with another local craftsperson using traditional techniques to provide this beautiful and completely biodegradable coffin. The willow is sourced as locally as possible, and the coffins are made with rounded ends and rope handles.

    Price £700.00
  • The Pandanus Coffin

    These coffins are made ethically in Indonesia and come traditionally shaped or curved ended. They are strong in construction and come with weightbearing handles. Pandanus is a prolific and fast growing plant which is sustainable, all parts of the plant are used.

    Price £550.00
  • The Woollen Coffin

    This unique coffin is carefully crafted in Yorkshire using pure new British wool, the coffin is supported with a strong recycled cardboard frame. It is curved ended with a soft and gentle feel. Available in natural cream or lime stone with a soft woollen mattress inside.


    Price £720.00
  • The Somerset Willow Coffin

    Beautifully made coffins from Somerset, produced by a real family business. The majority of the willow used is of a ten mile radius of the workshops in Bridgwater, Somerset. Available in traditional and curved shapes.

    Price £780.00
  • The Textured Banana Leaf Coffin

    Made from the leaves of the banana plant, which are carefully removed and spun into long yarns. They are woven into a strong but lightweight tohiti frame. Banana leaves are freely available, 100% natural and biodegradable. They come in curved ended or traditionally shaped.

    Price £530.00
  • The Leaf Cocoon Shroud

    Using wool from sheep that graze on the hills in Devon, these shrouds are a wonderful alternative to using a coffin for burial. The intricate design envelopes the deceased in a soft, comfortable resting place, supported by a wooden frame that makes it very practical to use as well as a beautiful lasting image for people saying goodbye.

    Price approx £1000.00
  • The Bamboo Eco Coffin

    A beautiful handcrafted bamboo coffin, made from sustainable bamboo grown under license by a Fair Trade company in China. The coffins are handmade and no nails, screws or glues are used in its manufacture.

    Price £430.00
  • The Bamboo Lattice Coffin

    The Bamboo Lattice coffin is constructed of two layers of woven bamboo to give it its distinctive pattern. Both the Eco and Lattice Bamboo coffins come traditionally shaped or curved ended and both use fast growing bamboo that isn’t eaten by pandas.

    Price £470.00