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The death of a child or a baby at any stage of its development will have a devastating effect on people and families. Everyone is different and will have different needs if this happens to them. It’s good to take time to think of what you need, you can come in to talk to us about what’s possible and we can put a plan together. We can support you in whatever way you choose, you may want just a quiet intimate time or you may want to share this experience with a lot of people, please don’t feel you have to do anything in particular. We don’t charge our regular professional fees for children of 16 and under although we have to charge for coffins and burial ground fees if you wish for the baby or child to be buried.

There are lots of options in terms of coffins available, below is a sample of some available choices.

  • The Woollen Coffin

    These pure new British wool coffins provide a soft and gentle feel with curved ends with a soft woollen mattress and a lovely woollen blanket inside. They are carefully crafted in Yorkshire and all the materials in the coffins are readily biodegradable and suitable for cremation and all types of burial. Natural Legacy Children’s coffins are available in a range of sizes, suitable for all ages.

    Price £tbc
  • The Bamboo Children and Baby Coffin

    A beautiful handcrafted bamboo coffin, made from fast growing bamboo (that isn’t eaten by pandas), grown under license by a Fair Trade company in China. The coffins are handmade and no nails, screws or glues are used in their manufacture. These are suitable for all ages and come in a variety of designs.

    Price £tbc
  • The Swan Cocoon Shroud for a Baby

    Made by the Bellacouche Company in Devon, this beautiful alternative for a baby or child is made from organic wool felt of a simple construction with a cotton wrap inside. These Cocoons can be easily held and cradled, while having enough firm structure to be held safely. These are only able to be used for burial.

    Price £tbc
  • The Somerset Willow Baby Crib Casket

    Handcrafted in Somerset, this beautiful baby crib casket is shown here in the natural white willow finish although a range of bandings are available. They come finished with a natural frilled cotton lining, and as an option nameplates are also available on request.

    Price £tbc
  • The Pandanus Baby Coffin

    This coffin is made of pandanus; a very sustainable plant which is harvested and woven. These come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for burial or cremation.

    Price £tbc