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Our Brighton Original Coffin – Handmade Made Locally

With more and more people across Sussex opting for ethical funeral options, we’re regularly asked for coffins that haven’t come half way around the world in excessive packaging that goes to landfill. So we thought – let’s see if we can make one locally ourselves….

So, having found the lovely local carpenter Tom Robinson, we commissioned him to build our ‘Brighton Original’ pine coffin. We wanted it to be hand crafted, with elegant curves, and made from sustainably sourced timber and Tom’s skills and attention to detail have produced a striking and simple solution that we can honestly say is handmade locally.

Brighton Original Tom Photo

Tom, based at Rodhus Creative Studios, Hollingbury, was initially surprised by the request. “I’m more used to making bespoke furniture, but I love a challenge! It’s taken 6 months to get the design just right, but now we have a lovely, ecologically aware coffin being made in Brighton.”