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As part of our team at ARKA Original Funerals, we are proud to include experienced and gifted celebrants. We are unique in this respect too.

Our celebrants not only create beautiful and personal funeral ceremonies, they are also trained and experienced in every practical aspect of organising a funeral ceremony and are fully committed to our ethos of ecological awareness.  They were carefully chosen to be ARKA celebrants and most have been part of our team for many years.

ARKA Original Funerals is committed to supporting people of all beliefs and cultural identities, and our celebrants can include rites and rituals of any religion in the ceremony or if preferred, create a non-religious, person-centred ceremony. Your loved one, your memories, their story, will always be at the heart of the ceremony. They will meet with you, perhaps in your own home, and spend time listening carefully to the hopes you have for the funeral ceremony. From this meeting they will begin to write the ceremony and make any changes to the structure as you wish. They gently offer ideas and suggestions, help with your choice of music and readings and they write a bespoke ceremony reflecting everything you have spoken about. Our celebrants will then conduct the ceremony in a professional yet sensitive way.

In addition to our group of ARKA celebrants we work with some talented people who are independent but still work hard to support families to put together meaningful, beautiful tributes in honour of the person who has died. We work with a really wide range of people and will work as effectively with a celebrant or minister of your choice as the people we work with regularly.

Please meet our ARKA celebrants: