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Find out more about Direct Cremation through Arka


There is much publicity and advertising around direct cremation and for many reasons it’s clear that this may be a preferable option for many.

Whilst it is a viable option it’s important to know how some direct cremation options differ in what is offered. At Arka Original Funerals, you know that your loved one is cared for at our local Brighton premises within the Hanover area. You can come and sit with them here and take your time to say goodbye in whatever way you feel you need. The person can be dressed in clothes that they may have requested. You can place items with them, you can put a last letter in their hand. You can play music that you enjoyed together and say goodbye to them in person.

Our offer differs very much from national companies that provide this service, for instance you may not know where the person is prior to the cremation, it may not be clear where the cremation will take place or who is providing this service. These things may not concern you (and that’s absolutely fine) but if you do want to know that they are in the care of a local company and you want the option to say goodbye in person then you can get in touch if this is something that you feel is right for you.

We charge £1,700 for this service, for more details click here.



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