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Why not record your funeral wishes today!


At Arka Original Funerals we know that when someone dies, regardless of whether their loved ones were expecting them to die or not, it’s often a shock and people can feel a range of emotions, numb, distraught, angry, everyone is different. What we have found though is that if the person wrote down their wishes for their funeral, it’s always helpful, even if the family don’t follow plans to the letter it gives people a good steer on what the person wanted (and importantly, what they didn’t want) for their funeral.

So, we have put together a really helpful document (click here) that will help you make decisions about all of these things, will ask you about things you may never have even thought about, you don’t have to fill all of it in, some questions may be completely irrelevant. Why not download this document and fill some of it out, store it, print it, whatever… just make sure you’ve told someone close that you’ve done it and where you keep it (otherwise…. it may be a complete waste of time!)

If you wanted to go through things with one of our experienced staff you can, doesn’t cost anything and there’s no obligation to use us as your funeral director. Just call on 01273 621444 and we’ll make an appointment for you.

We hope it’s useful and if you have any feedback on the form then just send us a quick email on info@arkafunerals.co.uk.

The Arka Team