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Down to Earth Funeral Option – £1,999

We have supported many people with funeral arrangements, and just as we all vary so much in life, of course we continue to vary with our choices in death. At Arka Original Funerals we focus primarily on choice and empowering people – this is central to everything we do – and why we are offering this lower cost option to our customers.

The Down to Earth option means that the cremation will happen in a simple and private way, at Woodvale Crematorium, early in the day and with no time available in the crematorium chapel for a service or gathering.


  • Immediate family would still be able to come to say goodbye to their loved one at ARKA’s Chapel of Rest on a day leading up to the cremation.

Your reasons to choose this option could be that:

  • The person who has died stated that they did not want a formal ceremony
  • Friends and family may want to hold a memorial at a later date
  • You may just want to remember the person in your own way and not need a formal gathering for this
  • It could be that this is just how you want it! (and choosing this option doesn’t mean that you love them less).

For these or other reasons our simpler ‘Down To Earth’ option could be appropriate. The fee includes the following services:

  • Collection and care of the deceased during office hours and within a 10 mile radius of central Brighton
  • Supporting family and friends with the process of arranging the cremation
  • Initial consultation and follow up calls, meetings as necessary
  • Liaising with Doctors or Coroner as applicable
  • Preparation, and supporting those who wish to view the deceased
  • Gently dressing the deceased in clothes if provided or alternatively gently wrapping in a soft cotton shroud
  • Ensuring the correct paperwork is completed and that it reaches the correct authority
  • Transportation of the deceased to Woodvale crematorium in ARKA vehicle
  • Provision of cardboard coffin suitable for cremation
  • Cost of the cremation
  • Collection and storage of ashes for up to one year
  • Doctors’ papers for cremation*

*fee will be reduced by £164 if no doctors’ fees are necessary (i.e. if the deceased’s case is being reviewed by the coroner’s office).

Full payment would be required 3 days before the cremation takes place.