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Arka, in conjunction with The Modern Funeral staged a viewing of the wonderful film 'Departures' at the Duke of York cinema in Brighton to launch a new initiative called the Brighton Death Forum. This is a new group coming together to open up the discussion around death and dying with the hope of empowering people at this crucial stage of saying goodbye to someone you love. More information can be found at www.brightondeathforum.co.uk.


Arka introduces the Pebblewood Coffin. A beautifully made coffin which enables the person to lie in a foetal position. The outside is a pebble shape which is a comforting, familiar, natural shape. The designer Davina Kemble has made this aesthetically pleasing object which although can be used when necessary as a coffin it can also be used by individuals in their home as a coffee table until that time comes. This has been on show at our office by Brighton Station through October 2016.


Arka has signed up to the Fair Funeral Pledge. This scheme assures customers that we are committed to being open about our costs, we know that funerals can be very expensive and therefore are committed to giving good value for money. We will offer suggestions about how to keep costs down and will support families to put wonderful funerals together for their loved ones that are affordable but yet really celebrate the life that has been lost. fair-funerals-pledge