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We wanted to thank everyone for joining us on 10th November 2023 for our 20 year celebration. We had a wonderful night and it gave us an opportunity to look back over the years, to remember and commemorate with families who have trusted us to look after their loved ones and support them through the years. We all walked through the streets of our community here in Hanover, Brighton with lanterns, banners and photos of loved ones. We were led through the streets by the fabulous Voodoo Love Orchestra, so a big thank you to everyone on the procession, to our community for joining in and their encouraging whoops and cheers! and of course to our band of volunteers who worked hard to keep everyone safe.

When we got to St Lukes Church, we were hosted beautifully by Deacon Julie Newson who offered us the amazingly peaceful and atmospheric St Lukes church. We had wonderful food provided by Tilt and singing by the fabulous Jam Tarts choir led by our very own multi talented and ‘multi hatted’ Li Mills.

We had a really good discussion led by Rehana Rose with Caroline Lucas MP, Hannah Thompson and Jane Fox. We sang, we remembered and we looked at photos. All in all it was an inspiring evening, full of love and memories. One of the main things we hoped to achieve was to have a discussion about community, how we look after each other, how we look after each other when people we love die, how can we help, practically and emotionally. It’s a huge subject and one we will never tire of discussing. We feel so blessed to be located in such an amazing community, we hope that we add to that by providing a good service – and to be perfectly honest it’s not all about us, definitely not, but it was good to celebrate being here, in amongst you all.

In addition to those mentioned above, the evening would not have been as wonderful without the help and support of the following who we are so thankful to:

Helena and Same Sky for the lanterns
Lex Clarke-Kent for photography
Jake of Sussex Willow Coffins for the willow panels
Dagmara Rudkin for our banner
Hein Tang for filming the event