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March 2022


Just thought we would update you all on how Arka continues to adapt in the current Covid-19 landscape and to let you know what is possible when arranging funerals and ceremonies.

As we have left the lockdown period we are still very aware of the dangers posed by the Covid-19 virus. We are facing new variants of the virus at intervals so it you feel you would prefer to use Zoom or FaceTime that would be fine. Alternatively we can talk over the phone. We can complete forms by email if that’s easier for you. We are happy to meet in person but if you would feel happier if we all wore face coverings then we are happy to do that. 

To arrange a meeting, either in person or virtual, please do call or email us ahead of time on the phone numbers provided or on info@arkafunerals.co.uk.

Funeral attendance is now unlimited nationally but still dependent on venue but we will advise on this during the funeral arrangement process. Live screening is available at Woodvale, Downs, Wealden and Worthing crematoriums.

Just to reassure you that whatever risks are still around we are still committed to organising and supporting beautifully personal and reflective ceremonies. We continue to work to our high standards to try to support you through funeral arrangements.

We are here to answer any questions so please get in touch.



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