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April 2021


Just thought we would update you all on how Arka continues to adapt in the current Covid-19 landscape and to let you know what is possible when arranging funerals and ceremonies.

We are coming to the end of full lockdown but we still feel that it is safer and more appropriate to try and meet people virtually, on-line rather than in person. The new variant of the virus is a lot more transmissible so it makes sense to limit the amount of human contact we have and using Zoom or FaceTime is one way in which we can do this. Alternatively we can talk over the phone. If you are arranging a funeral there are some forms that need completing so this can be done by email as well.

For some people technology is really difficult so we will make exceptions if people feel that it really wouldn’t be possible for them to meet virtually. In this case we will need to insist on a maximum of two people in any arrangement meeting, you will need to wear a mask and we will limit the meeting to 45 minutes and of course, use whatever social distancing good practice we can.

To arrange a meeting, either in person or virtual, please do call or email us ahead of time on the phone numbers provided or on info@arkafunerals.co.uk. When face to face appointments are made we will email out guidelines for your visit, just to reassure you that you are in safe hands.

When entering our premises you will be given hand sanitiser to use and we practice safe distancing at all times.

Funeral attendance is still limited nationally to 30 but this is still dependent on venue but we will advise on this during the funeral arrangement process. Live screening is available at Woodvale and Worthing crematoriums.

Whilst options remain limited we still want to assure you that people have still been able to carry out beautifully personal and reflective ceremonies in a number of ways. We continue to work to our high standards to try to support you through funeral arrangements.

We are here to answer any questions so please get in touch.



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