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November 2020


Just thought we would update you all on how Arka continues to adapt in the current Covid-19 landscape and to let you know what is possible when arranging funerals and ceremonies.

We continue to have both offices open for appointments, we are managing this in a safe way and to protect you we are still meeting by appointment only. Please do call or email us ahead of time on the phone numbers provided or on info@arkafunerals.co.uk. When appointments are made we will email out guidelines for your visit, just to reassure you that you are in safe hands.

In terms of wearing masks, current guidelines state that funeral homes are not exempt and for that reason anyone visiting our offices will be required to wear a ‘face covering’ if you do not have one then we can provide you with one when you arrive. Staff working in offices do not need to wear one but if it would make you feel more comfortable then we will happily put one on. We still follow social distancing however and offer hand sanitiser.

Funeral attendance is still limited dependent on venue but we will advise on this during the funeral arrangement process. Live screening is available at Woodvale and Worthing crematoriums.

Whilst options remain limited we still want to assure you that people have still been able to carry out beautifully personal and reflective ceremonies in a number of ways. We continue to work to our high standards to try to support you through funeral arrangements.

We are here to answer any questions so please get in touch.


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