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Here is the latest window at our office in Surrey Street,  we are proud to own a beautiful old VW Campervan and are offering this to customers as an alternative to the traditional hearse. A lot of families remember happy holidays using a VW Camper and so why not bring back these lovely warm memories whilst celebrating the person who has died. This is just one idea that people can consider as they put a beautifully bespoke funeral together.

We offer preplanning meetings (free of charge) where you can discuss what you would like for your funeral or that of a loved one. By doing this of course you are not obliged to use our services when the time comes but having your notes typed up and sent to you will serve as a really helpful document for your friends and family. Knowing what you want (and what you don’t want!) will help your loved ones through a really difficult time. Call us on 01273 766620 to make an appointment if you want to do this.

VW Campervan for Funerals