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Arka were recently invited to be interviewed by Yasmeen Kahn at Talk Radio, and to speak on the topic of ‘alternative funerals’. Our very own Cara Mair gladly accepted the invitation and what followed was a really interesting discussion around death and the choices people have when arranging a funeral.

Yasmeen began by asking Cara whether alternative funerals and burials are becoming more prevalent – also clarifying that by alternative she meant “not the traditional way of doing things”  Cara spoke brilliantly about how in years gone by it would have been the families that cared for the deceased after they died and that in many ways, today’s concept of ‘alternative’ is actually historically how things would have been done.

“I don’t see it as necessarily alternative, I see it as more human and normal”

Cara was asked to speak a little about what brought her into the funeral world and what the differences are between how we do things at Arka and how the traditional funeral industry works. They go on to discuss how people are becoming more empowered around death and how Cara is a big advocate for giving death back to the people.

“It’s really important to the whole grieving process to be involved and not to have these rights whisked away from you”

We won’t give a complete blow by blow account of the interview, it’s best listening in yourself. If for nothing else but to hear what Cara’s choice of funeral song would be!

If you missed the interview, here is a link. Cara speaks for around 14 minutes from approx 11 minutes into the show. We would like to say a big thank you to Yasmeen and to everyone at Talk Radio for inviting Cara to speak about something we at Arka are so passionate about.