• At ARKA Original Funerals we make sure that you feel comfortable and unpressured about making decisions for the funeral of a loved one.

    We offer advice and information about the wide range of choices available for both traditional and green funerals, including Council and church owned cemeteries, woodland burials, cremation, ashes interment and scattering.

    Encouraging you to participate as much as you wish, we help to create and style personal ceremonies, through the provision of ministers, or celebrants, and the fitting selection of music, vehicles and other poignant and personal touches.

    We are a dedicated team offering a professional service to the highest standards, and believe that every funeral can be a unique experience, truly representing the life, beliefs, and wishes of the deceased, as well as their friends and family. You can contact the ARKA Original Funerals team at either of our Brighton offices during the day, or at any time during the night and weekends via our 24 hour answering service.



    A big Mourning Conversations event is coming up in Lewes on 4th/5th June.

    Cara from ARKA Original Funerals, and Tora from The Modern Funeral will be representing Brighton Death Festival

    We will have an informative stall with practical advice and support. And an afternoon talk on Saturday 4th June - where we will join a panel of local funeral directors for a lively discussion about funeral practices and prices, answering questions to give you more information about choice, and to spark the discussion about ‘The Future of Death’. Come along!


    other news:

    Brighton Death Festival held a Free Open Day event on 14th May 2016 at Brighton’s beautiful Extra Mural Chapel and cemetery grounds. Another successful and positive event for the Brighton community that sparked conversations around death and dying.



    “Funeral Support: MPs call for overhaul of ‘outdated system’ “

    In March the BBC published an online article about how the cost of even the most basic funeral can drive families into debt, and that MPs were urging an overhaul of the support system in England and Wales: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35929932


    The BBC ask: Are you affected by this story? Have you faced debt over funeral costs? Email haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk with your experience. Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. You can also contact the BBC in the following ways:


    A funeral director at Vegfest?? Whatever next!!!

    IN February 2016 ARKA’s Cara Mair gave a talk at this major show – about how to be empowered in making choices around death and dying. ARKA care for the earth and all creatures living within and on it, how our choices in death have an impact on the planet, how everyone can become more involved and take control.
    We all know of people who have been to ‘disappointing impersonal funerals’. Together we can change this.





    Brighton has a new festival: Brighton Death Festival

    IN October 2015: ARKA, in collaboration with The Modern Funeral and Philippa Snell Wild Arts, organised the first Brighton Death Festivaland we continue to offer related events throughout the year…

    see photographs of the day here


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